The Kensington 3-Piece Dinner Jacket

Smart and stylish: two words that come to mind when looking at The Kensington Dinner Jacket.

The dinner jacket's slim-fit is cut to fit your figure through the shoulder, chest, and waist without impairing your movement. With the Kensington Dinner Jacket, you can go to that cocktail party with the confidence you won't look like a stiff.

Go bold and pick the Red Kensington paired with a white pocket square. Or stay low-key with the blue model and let the eyes focus on your dotted, red bow-tie. Add a carnation to your lapel for added flair.

For the Kensington look, go for contrasting accessories. Choose a matching set of pocket square and bow-tie to bring out the suit's classic lines and a pair of well-buffed black Oxfords.

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  • Single-Breasted
  • 3-Piece suit
  • Straight pockets on jacket
  • Shawl lapel
  • Fully lined jacket
  • Ticket pocket
  • Web exclusive
  • One button jacket fastening
  • 4 Button Cuff


Scotch and Rich suits are fitted design and a shorter length jacket, along with trousers that are slim through the leg and hem. This close-fitting style is our narrowest fit and creates a sharp, contemporary silhouette that works well in formal and casual settings.