Dinner Jacket

Shaken, not stirred.

A nice dinner jacket is a must-have accessory for every man, and the satin lapels and pocket linings make the Dinner jacket look elegant and fancy without looking too flashy. The jacket's slim fit allows you to move freely and the fabric feels soft to the touch.

Wear it to your best friend's wedding or to that New Year's Eve formal ball. The Dinner Jacket keeps your styled and comfortable even while dancing, and looks striking even when you're ordering a martini at the bar.

For the Bond look, pair your jacket with a pair of patent shoes or some well-buffed Oxfords. Also, you can add a touch of elegance with a burgundy bow-tie.

Bond girls not included.

Free delivery takes between 2-4 weeks to arrive.


  • Single-Breasted
  • 2-Piece suit
  • Straight pockets on jacket
  • Shawl lapel
  • Fully lined jacket
  • Ticket pocket
  • Web exclusive
  • One button jacket fastening
  • 4 Button Cuff


Scotch and Rich suits are fitted design and a shorter length jacket, along with trousers that are slim through the leg and hem. This close-fitting style is our narrowest fit and creates a sharp, contemporary silhouette that works well in formal and casual settings.