Our premium made-to-measure collection. Ordering a bespoke suit is something every man should do at least once in his life. But, when moving from off-the-peg to tailor-made, one needn’t start at Savile Row. We will help you with the process of getting a bespoke suit just right and will help you find the best material and design to fit your needs. We can do 2-piece or 3-piece suits or blazers and anything from single-breasted to double-breasted. Just let us know what you're after.

The Scotch and Rich Bespoke Process:

1) Pick a Style 

There are a whole range of styles, cuts and varieties out there to choose from. It can be overwhelming. The best option is to just find a suit you like, and send us a picture of it. Our skilled tailor can do most suits. We'll work with you to nail the exact suit style and colour that you're after.

2) Measure yourself

Once we've decided on what suit you want, we will send you a form and instructions on how to measure yourself. You simply follow the instructions and input the numbers into the form. Don't worry, we'll sense check it to make sure it all adds up. You then also send us your weight and ideally a picture of yourself.

3) Order the suit

Now that you're all sized up and we've agreed on the style, you can go ahead and place the order if you haven't done so already. We'll then get to work on creating you your perfect suit.

4) Receive the suit

It'll take approximately 6 weeks from ordering the suit until it's ready and shipped out to you. Once you receive it, try it on and send us pictures.