Wednesday Whisky Club - Yoichi 10 Years Old

Wednesday Whisky Club - Yoichi 10 Years Old

October 10, 2018

Whisky is a key element to the Scotch and Rich lifestyle. Indeed its featured in the naming of the brand. We think there's no better way then to compliment a nice double-breasted suit with a great pair of brogues, a nice cigar (we like the Romeo y Julieta Churchill Short) and a Single Malt Scotch.

We do however appreciate non Scottish whiskies and this is one of them. 

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The company that today we know as Nikka was founded in July 1934 when Masataka Taketsuru bough a large parcel of reclaimed land by the Yoichi River, a site he recognised as being ideal for producing whisky in a Scottish style. This had been his dream since studying distilling in Scotland from 1918-20. He returned to Japan in 1920 and helped establish the Yamazaki distillery (another of our favourites).

Now owned by Asahi Breweries, the distillery continues to operate in a traditional manner with direct-firing of the spirit stills and worm tubs for condensing the spirit.

In 1989 Nikka acquired the Ben Nevis distillery in Fort William, Scotland, and restarted production there, completing the circle of Masataka's contribution to whisky in both Japan and Scotland.

Colour: Deep bronze

Nose: Bold and direct, with peat evident. Light citrus notes.

Taste: Minty chocolate and orange oil. Creamy mouth feel and delicate peat smoke.

Finish: Sweetness, peat and some antiseptic notes in alternate waves.