Wednesday Whisky Club - Woodford Reserve

Wednesday Whisky Club - Woodford Reserve

March 07, 2018

Good Morning fellow Whisky lovers,

This week, we have a Bourbon.

I know, it's a Bourbon, not a scotch, but the pot stills in which Woodford Reserve is distilled were manufactured in Rothes, Scotland. They were then shipped to Kentucky where the local were taught how to use them by a distiller from Scotland. So not all bad.


Woodford Reserve Scotch and Rich

As you may be aware, Bourbon had a bit of a blue-collar image, but the US attempted to rid of this with Single batch bourbon, their very own answer to single malt. It worked for Woodford Reserve.

Brown-Forman Corporation, the parent company who also own Jack Daniel's restored their old Labrot & Graham distillery and after selling it and buying it back again, they rebranded it as Woodford Reserve in 2003.

Colour: Dark honey

Nose: Vanilla sweetness, honey, fresh fruits and hints of chocolate

Taste: Rich and warming, with layers of mint, tobacco, leather and fruit. Smooth and full-bodied. Will seem sweet to the European palate.

Finish: Smooth and warming; very consistent and balanced.