Wednesday Whisky Club - Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Wednesday Whisky Club - Wild Turkey Rare Breed

December 05, 2018

Happy Wednesday,

all the talk of Christmas dinners has made us think of turkey this festive season so we've decided to feature another Kentucky Bourbon this week in the Wild Turkey Rare Breed.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed | Scotch and Rich

There are a number of Wild Turkey variants - a standard version at 8 years old; a number of aged versions; a rye; Russell's Reserve, named after legendary Master Distiller Jimmy Russell; and even a Honey Liqueur. All are good but we suggest you seek out some Wild Turkey Rare Breed. It's a small batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, blended from barrels at between 6 and 12 years of age and bottled at barrel strength (54.1% abv).

The distillery has been through several hands: most recently it was sold by Pernod Ricard to raise enough cash to pay for their Absolut vodka purchase. It now belongs to the Italian Campari Group (they also own Glen Grant in Scotland). At the time of writing, their plans for the brand are unclear but it would seem unlikely that they will introduce fundamental change to a well-loved bourbon icon, references to which appear regularly in popular culture. Tours are also available at the distillery.

This higher strength spirit can take the addition of some water to open up the more delicate aromas, but go carefully. It does not require significant dilution and may be best enjoyed as a sipping whiskey, for those long evenings of contemplation - unless, of course, raucous revelry is more to your taste.

Colour: Warm red to amber.

Nose: High strength evident initially, then berries and vanilla and toffee.

Taste: Caramel, corn, liquorice, some citrus notes and fresh red apples.

Finish: Highly complex and layered, with a final kick.