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Wednesday Whisky Club - Redbreast

June 20, 2018

Originally produced for Gilbey's in 1939 by the original Jameson distillery, the brand was withdrawn when the distillery was closed and stocks of maturing whisky ran out. It was however brought back after the upsurge in single malt Scotch, so Irish Distillers brought it back as a 12-year-old. A mix of both sherry and bourbon casks go into the blend and the full-on style is a classic of its type.

Redbreast 12-year-old | Scotch and Rich

This whisky always scores highly in independent tastings and is a major award winner.

Colour: A sublte bronzed gold.

Nose: Tons of body on the nose, promising excitement within!

Taste: A massive whiskey, but with plenty going on and layers of flavour to explore. Sweet, with lots of ripe fruit and spice notes. Honeyed brioche. Very full and oily for a 40% abv.

Finish: Stick with it for waves of vanilla, honey, oak and spice.