Wednesday Whisky Club - Ledaig 10 Years

Wednesday Whisky Club - Ledaig 10 Years

February 28, 2018

Hello fellow Scotch lovers,

This week's Wednesday Whisky Club is Ledaig 10 year from the Tobermoray Distillery on the Isle of Mull. It's a personal favourite of mine and I've been lucky enough to do the distillery tour too.

Ledaig 10 Year Scotch and Rich review

This 10 year old single malt is matured in superior oak casks, combining the dark, aromatic lochan water from high on the mountains with exclusively peat-dried malted barley.

A beach bonfire on the nose. The palate has charred oak notes, smoke, spices and a dash of pepper. The finish is medium length with smoky, earthy notes.

Nose: Quite light and well-balanced. There is a very soft peat with a gentle smoke. Notes of barley and malt extract, with walnut and pine oil and a hint of iodine, dried fruit and nuts.

Palate: Medium-bodied and quite rich. There are notes of spice and smoke gathering above the charred oak. The peat is quiet and dry with a touch of black pepper and earth.

Finish: Medium-length and slightly smoky with spice.