Wednesday Whisky Club - How to taste whisky

Wednesday Whisky Club - How to taste whisky

August 01, 2018

Happy Wednesday fellow Scotch lovers!

This week, we're going to look at how you're actually meant to taste the whisky that we are recommending.

Here are five simple rules on how to tasting whisky. It's fairly straight forward:

1. Use the right glass. Although we love whisky tumblers here at Scotch and Rich, they are unfortunately not the best choice for tasting whisky. The best choice is the Glencairn Crystal whisky glass ( If you can't get that then go for a similar shape. This helps to concentrate the aromas and helps you to 'nose' the whisky.

Glencairn Whisky Glass

2. Fix the aroma and taste with associations - the smell of freshly mown grass or a vanilla-flavoured toffee or the rich taste of fruit cake.

3. Add a dash of water. It opens up the spirit and prevents your taste buds from becoming numbed by alcohol.

4. Roll the whisky right round tour mouth and 'chew' it. Give the flavours time to develop: the whisky has been ageing for years - give it at least as many seconds and the rewards will be huge.

5. Finally, think about the 'finish', or the lingering taste that remains. How consistent is it? What new flavours emerge?

Relax, keep practising and you'll very soon discover whisky's unique richness.