Wednesday Whisky Club - Haig Club Clubman

Wednesday Whisky Club - Haig Club Clubman

February 21, 2018

Good Morning Fellow Scotch Lovers,

It's a strange one today and some of you will like it and some of you won't. The reason is, for pure scotch fans and single malt lovers, Haig Club can have a bit of a bad reputation. 'It's more of a marketing ploy by David Beckham and is overpriced for what it is.'

The thing is, Haig is an iconic name in Whisky and has been around for a long time. It was Scotland's largest distillery by 1733 and in recent years fell by the wayside. So the part of me that reads about Haig in the old Ian Fleming books (yes, it's featured) is very happy to have it back.

Haig Club Clubman - Scotch and Soda

Now to the actual review. I'm going to be honest. I was at Sainsbury's last Sunday and there was a special. A bottle of Haig Club Clubman was £18 (I've since seen it's £15 on Amazon) so I went for it.

Now Haig Club is not meant to be enjoyed neat like most of the Whisky we feature on this site. The brand states it's best to mix with cola, however I'm a lover of Scotch and Soda so I go home and mixed it with ice and soda water.

The verdict. I love it. I think if you're looking for a whisky to mix, I've historically used Famous Grouse, Grants or Bells, you can taste the difference and I like the nuance that Haig Club gives. 

I would not pay more than £20 for a bottle but at £18 or £15 I think it's a great buy. Well done.