Wednesday Whisky Club - Balcones Baby Blue

Wednesday Whisky Club - Balcones Baby Blue

October 24, 2018

Right now, Balcones is probably the hottest thing on the micro-distilling scene, beloved by bloggers and rapidly developing a cult following amongst whisky's chattering classes, who can't heap enough praise on their single-minded and innovative products.

Scotch and Rich Wednesday Whisky Club | Balcones Baby Blue

From a standing start in 2008, they now offer seven different products. Co-owners Chip Tate and Stephen Germer are deeply committed to what they do and, in that typically American earnest way, offer this 'pledge' on their website: 'Everything that goes in to making our spirits is done by distillers themselves. We receive and inspect the raw ingredients, run and monitor fermentations, distill the spirits, monitor the ageing in barrels, bottle and label ourselves. When a bottle of Balcones receives its was seal we are saying to you that it has met our high standards and is something of which we are proud and on which we are willing to affix our name.'

Baby Blue was their first product and in fact, the fist legally made whisky in Texas since Prohibition. It's also the only whisky made from Hopi blue corn and they spell it the UK way.

Colour: Mid-amber with copper tones.

Nose: Citrus, vanilla, popcorn and honey.

Taste: Sweet, with a hing of fire. Ameretto liqueur and tropical fruit.

Finish: I would sit and drink that with pleasure....