Wednesday Whisky Club - Glenfarclas 21 Years Old

Wednesday Whisky Club - Glenfarclas 21 Years Old

March 28, 2018

Happy Wednesday to you,

This week we've got the Glenfarclas 21 Years Old. This is a family-owned distiller by the name of Grants. Now in the fifth generation, current Chairman Jon L. S. Grant owns and manages the distillery whilst his son George S. Grant is the company's Brand Ambassador. The great thing about being family owned is the freedom to take a long-term vision rather than bow to shareholder pressure.

 Glenfarclas 21 Years Old

With some of the older bottles going for over £1000 per bottle, this is great value at about £70. It's a full flavoured rich whisky that is a sherry-aged Speyside whisky. What's not to like.

Colour: Noticeably dark due to the sherry casks

Nose: Sherry nose, fruit cake, oranges and sweetness. 

Taste: Very full and rounded; old leather, dried fruits and dark marmalade. 

Finish: A rich, rolling finish.