The Scotch and Rich guide to shoes

The Scotch and Rich guide to shoes

April 24, 2018

Your shoes say it all. A man is frequently judged by his shoes, so when i comes to getting dressed, remember to think about your feet. Shoes are a critical component of an outfit - get ready to put your best foot forward.

The Brogue

 The Scotch and Rich Oxford Brogue

Brogues are the classic business shoe. Perfect with a suit, they can also be dressed down with jeans when in brown. Identified by the distinctive patterns across the toe, and available as a full or half-brogue, this is the essential shoe for every wardrobe.

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The Oxford


The oxford is the epitome of English style – understated, classic and perfect with a suit. Similar in shape to a brogue, though without the patterend toes, they should be of black or brown polished leather; more casually they can also look good in suede.

The Derby

 Scotch and Rich Derby Shoe

Less formal than the Oxford or the brogue, though similar in shape, the Derby shoe is simple and unfussy in either borwn or black. Often with only two or three eyelets for lacing they can dress down a suit or be worn casually with jeans.

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(image credit Tod's)

Loafers are one of the most informal and convenient shoes, but wear with caution. An American innovation, developed by Italian shoemakers, they represent a Continental style and are best paired with chinos, jeans or shorts.

The Ankle Boot

 Chukka boot by scotch and rich

The ankle boot tends to look wrong with a formal suit and should, therefore, be avoided for smart dress codes. However, with slim fit suits, they can create a mod-like look which will work in less formal situations.

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