The hallmark of a Rebel - A Double-Breasted Suit

The hallmark of a Rebel - A Double-Breasted Suit

October 24, 2018

There was a great Jaguar advert a few years ago that we thought really captured the brand image and turned what could be perceived as a negative into a huge positive and unique selling point.

The ad which you can watch below describes how British actors always seem to play the villains in movies. And that they all drive Jaguars.

What we've noticed is a similar trend in double-breasted suiting. Don't you think that rebels and villains (and also Brits unsurprisingly) often tend to wear double-breasted suits on the big screen and on TV.

Mr Big | Double-Breasted Suit | Live and Let Die

Mr Big aka Dr Kananga in Live and Let Die

Maybe it shows attention to detail. It conveys that they are a rebel. It shows that they are out of the ordinary. It shows a hit of mischievousness. 

And that's precisely why we love it. Why be the same when you can stand out. And you can stand out for all the right reasons. You can be a rebel. But a well-dressed rebel in a classical timeless style that shows you put some thought into what you're wearing, but then forgot about it the second you walked out the door.

Jaws | Double-Breasted Suit | James Bond

Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me

There is of course a more practical reason for wearing a double-breasted suit, or a reefer jacket as it was originally referred to due to it's nautical background. And that is due to its being a sporting jacket that offers more mobility that its single-breasted cousin and allows for more active pursuits. Now that comes in hand when at any moment you need to flee from the law or get into a first fight. 

Ronnie Kray | Legend | Tom Hardy | Double-Breasted Suit

Ronnie Kray played by Tom Hardy in Legend

Now we wrote last week about the rules of how to fasten a suit jacket and gave clear instruction on how you should be wearing your double-breasted suit. (You can read the article here if you missed it)

However, as a rebel, rules are there to be broken however there is one rule that you should never ever break, no matter how rebellious you are. And this is the vent in the jacket. A double-breasted jacket must always have two vents, or side vents as they are commonly referred to. It must never have a single or centre vent. On occasions no vents is also acceptable.

Now get out there and show your rebellious side and sport your double-breasted jacket around town. Your sure to turn some heads.

James Bond Villain Double-Breasted Suit Hugo Drax

Hugo Drax above in Moonraker is a prime example and in Fleming's own words:

'Bond concluded his inspection with Drax’s clothes which were expensive and in excellent taste—a dark blue pinstripe in lightweight flannel, double-breasted with turnback cuffs, a heavy white silk shirt with a stiff collar, an unobtrusive tie with a small grey and white check, modest cuff-links, which looked like Cartier, and a plain gold Patek Philippe watch with a black leather strap.' (Moonraker, Chapter 3) 

Scarface Villain Double-breasted suit - Sosa

Another great example is Alejandro Sosa, Tony Montana’s Bolivian cocaine supplier who dons this cream coloured double-breasted suit in Scarface.

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