The Black Suit – Surely it’s a classic?

The Black Suit – Surely it’s a classic?

January 09, 2018

Whilst most people are led to believe that black suits are the most commonly worn and bought, this may be true, however a well-dressed man very rarely wears a solid black suit. And there is good reason for this.

Black is a very formal, serious and dull colour. Although it is nowadays accepted as an acceptable business suit as most colours now are, the more traditional suit colours for business are navy and charcoal and very occasionally brown (although I wouldn’t recommend it).

What then is black for you may ask?

Well since it is a formal colour, it’s used mostly in formal wear such as dinner jackets, tailcoats, morning coats and the black lounge suit for funerals.

 Black suit james bond spectre

You’ll notice this with our favourite well dressed hero James Bond, who only wears a black suit twice. And on both those occasions it is for mourning. To be specific at the funeral in Rome in Spectre and in Diamonds Are Forever when he is pretending to be Peter Franks who is mourning his brother.

If you are planning on going to a few funerals and have not got a black suit though, don’t despair. A dark grey business suit will show just as much respect.

There is another good use of a black suit though. And that is to show who the bad guy is in movies. This applies mostly to male characters and implies questionable taste along with questionable morals.

That said, we stock beautiful black suits if you’re planning a few evenings out and especially if you’re going to a murder mystery to play the bad guy. There are however many other colours that serve as a better choice for most suit wearing occasions. Navy and Charcoal are the more stylish and flattering for any occasion.