Manners, Maketh Man.  How to dress like a Kingsman

Manners, Maketh Man. How to dress like a Kingsman

January 15, 2018

 The new Kingsman movie, ‘the golden circle’, the second movie in the Kingsman series once again displays a magnificent collection into classic British gentleman’s wear.

The films, which showcase a top secret british spy agency, based out of a tailor’s show on the Saville Row in London state that ‘a suit is the modern gentleman’s armour. And the Kingsman agents are the new knights.’

And the Kingsman spies don’t just wear your standard two button single breasted suit. They take suits to a whole new albeit very traditional level by sporting amazing double breasted suits.

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The idea came to director Matthew Vaughan when we himself was being measured for a suit at Saville Row tailor called Huntsman and subsequently the shop was used as the Kingsman shop in the movie. Rather than use standard suits, Matthew decided to use the quintessentially English double breasted suits to make it more memorable. Toby Bateman, buying director for Mr. Porter, who stock the official Kingsman line stated that ‘if you were making a film about Italian spies, you probably wouldn’t put them in double-breasted suits.’

Another great part of the outfit is the shoes they wear to compliment the suit. It is however funny that the password is ‘Oxfords not Brogues’ when an Oxford shoe can be a brogue since you can get broguing on any type of shoe. He is however right that Oxfords are the correct type of shoe to wear with such a formal suit. Furthermore Harry explains that an Oxford is any formal show with open lacing when actually an Oxford is a formal show with closed lacing. Open lacing shoes are more casual and often either Derbys or Bluchers.

How to dress like a kingsman

We’re proud to stock a whole range of double-breasted suits at a fraction of the cost of getting one from Mr Porter or Saville Row. We recommend you wear them in a classical style with a white shirt, perfectly straight pocket square and plain navy tie.

Kingsman Suit by Scotch and Rich