James Bond likes Scotch

James Bond likes Scotch

January 03, 2018

Whilst most people associate martinis 'shaken, not stirred' with Ian Fleming’s James Bond, you’ll find that in the books Bond drinks a wide variety of drinks from Red Stripe Beer to Gin, Sherry, Vodka and of course Champagne.

What was lost in the movies is Bond’s love of Whisky. The books contain several references to James sipping on ‘Scotch and Soda’. In fact it is the mixed drink he has most often in the books (a total of 21 times). One of the most prevalent brands in the books that both Bond and Leiter enjoy is Haig & Haig Whisky.

All of this makes sense with Bond being of Scottish descent. Whilst at the time most whiskies were blended, it’s fair to assume that the reference towards Scotch in the books means a blended whisky rather than a single malt.

Bond likes his Scotch in a multitude of ways: neat, with water, on ice, with branch water and with soda water.

In the films, Bond starts to look more at the various branded Scotch Whiskies with brands such as Macallan, J&B and Talisker making appearances. A 50 year old Macallan featured in Skyfall, as well as a 12 year old Macallan earlier on in the film on M’s desk.