How to Clean and Care for your Suit

How to Clean and Care for your Suit

February 05, 2018



Listen up, gents: your suit is like an armor, and no knight goes to battle with ill-maintained equipment. So, don’t get rust in your chainmail and stains on your double-breasted suit. If you want your outfit to last, you need to take care of it.

Let’s pause for a sec, we’ve all seen Bond movies, right? If you haven’t, watch a couple and come back to us.

Ready? Great.

You noticed that 007 suits are spotlessly clean and while Q might be responsible for that, he seems to take good care of their attire. A suit, like a partner, needs to be taken care of, particularly if you can’t make it to a dry cleaner every time you wear it.

How to Look After your Suit

Store It in a Dry Place

Humidity is the main enemy of your suit. Store them safely in a breathable cupboard and invest in some cedar wood hangers, if you can. Cedar naturally repels moths and absorbs excess moisture from your wardrobe. Always hang your suit in a well-spaced area and make sure your hanger is wide-enough to preserve the shape of your suit.

Brush Your Suit Often

Just like many things accumulate in your body, dust, dirt, and even dandruff can accumulate in your suit over time. If you keep yourself clean, your suit deserves the same care. Remember, natural fibers can hold harmful particles in your outfit, which can destroy your fabric. A suit brush costs less than a new coat and can make it look like new.

Steam it, don’t iron it

Using a clothes steamer is a way to make sure you get not only a wrinkle-free suit but also a clean-smelling one. Steam loosens the fabrics and takes foul odors from it in a delicate way that doesn’t damage the garment. Also, it prolongs its life because dry cleaning is an aggressive method that you shouldn’t use it too often because it stiffens the fabric and makes it prone to tear.

Remember, this is the basic care you must give your suits. If they're too stained, don't put them in the washing machine and take them to the dry cleaner. 

Stay crisp; stay fresh, gentleman. See you next time.