How to choose and style a double-breasted suit

How to choose and style a double-breasted suit

March 09, 2018

 A double-breasted suit is a forgotten classic however it still shows up now and again. We’ve seen it recently in movies such as Kingsman or Ralph Fiennes donning one in James Bond as ‘M’.

A double-breasted suit is a statement that can only be achieved by wearing a suit that you own and feel comfortable in, rather than a suit that wears you.

Here’s the Scotch and Rich guide to choosing and styling your double-breasted suit.

The traditional double-breasted suit is comprised of a six by two button design along the front. There is also a hidden button on the inside of the jacket to keep the suit better together when worn buttoned up. It helps to add a slim fit to the suit.

Scotch and Rich Double-Breasted Suit Guid


When buttoning your double-breasted jacket, you must be able to button your suit. As an obvious start, if you can’t button your suit than your suit is too small. The jacket should be buttoned comfortably where it is not too tight, nor too loose on your body. The right fit will accentuate your body without taking away from your form. So, if your buttons seem to be pulling at one another it is time to look for a new suit.


The suit’s seam should sit perfectly on your shoulders. This means that the seam must end when it reaches your shoulders, just as a shoulder pad needs to stop at the shoulders as well.


The length of the sleeves of the jacket must meet at the middle of your palm. If the sleeve is any longer that that, then the sleeve is too long for your arm. The sleeve itself should fit, comfortably along your arms.

How to wear your suit

Firstly there’s the smart look. You want to wear the full suit and try and pair it with a low key shirt. We prefer to just use a sharp white shirt and a low-key tie and a standard white pocket square. Since a double-breasted suit already makes such a statement, you don’t want to overpower it with lots of standout accessories or loud ties and shirts.


You don’t just have to wear the suit. The double breasted suit is usually more of a formal affair than just a single breasted suit but you can change it up and just have the blazer allowing you to create more of a casual look whilst still getting the most out of your double-breasted suit.

You can pair the blazer with jeans or chinos depending on how casual you want to go. Fit for this is essential since if they blazer is too long or too big you will get drowned.


Which one to choose for what occasion? We’re glad you have asked. The Scotch and Rich recommendation is to have multiple double-breasted suits for the different occasions.


 Kingsman Double-Breasted Suit by Scotch and Rich

For the office, we really like the Kingsman suit, the Wentworth suit or the Richmond suit. This sharp suit will make you look professional and stand out in both the office and a job interview.


 The Mayfair Double-Breasted Suit by Scotch and Rich

The standout choice for a wedding is the Mayfair suit. This suit will make you look really sharp and you will stand out as a fashionable confident man.

Night out

 The Kensington Double-Breasted Suit by Scotch and Rich

The Kensington suit is the perfect companion for a night out in town. Don it with confidence and a crisp white shirt and either a tie or bowtie.


 The Stratton Double-Breasted Suit by Scotch and Rich

Both the Sutton and Stratton suits are perfect for everyday wear and can be used as blazers to create a more casual look too.