Fold your Pocket Square Like a Kingsman

Fold your Pocket Square Like a Kingsman

February 01, 2018


Kingsman training involves a regime of skydiving, martial arts training, and defying death on a daily basis. And while not every man could be part of the Kingsguard, you could still own the wardrobe and dress like a gentleman.

In fact, besides the action sequences, clothing was at the core of the film, and, let’s face it: the suit makes the man, and Kingsman is not an exception.

Let’s take a look at Galahad pocket squares. They are crisply folded lush handkerchiefs. True works of art.


However, it’s not as simple as just folding and tuck it in. Today, Scotch and Rich shows you how to fold a square like a Kingsman.

The 5-Step One-Point Fold

This fold is business-appropriate but straightforward. The one-point fold is relaxed enough to wear with the Kensington Suit and would look amazing in a cocktail party. Or you might as well wear the Richmond and strut confidently through your company. 

Step 1

Start with the square unfolded and flat over your table or even in your hands.

Step 2

Fold it diagonally down the middle. Bring one corner up and meet the opposite- Now you should have a wide triangle of doubled fabric.

Step 3

At the base of the triangle, where you folded the square, fold the corners inward from both sides.

Step 4

Fold it as far as needed to make it roughly the width of your jacket pocket. Don’t forget to fold each corner approximately the same length.

Step 5

At this point, the square should look like an envelope. Slide it into your jacket’s breast pocket until the only thing visible is the triangle with the point shooting straight up.

The One-Point Fold is a fantastic accessory to your suit. Match your tie and your square for a contrasting look, just don’t blow your cover and keep your cool.

Here’s a nice infographic courtesy of Real Man, Real style and stay tuned for more style tips.