Dress like 007: The 3 Differences Between a Double and a Single Breasted Jacket

Dress like 007: The 3 Differences Between a Double and a Single Breasted Jacket

February 15, 2018

This has happened to all of us. You go to the mall and try on a few suit jackets. Then, you find the one. It’s comfortable and makes you look like a diplomat, and that’s not an easy feat, is it?

But, open closer inspection, you ask yourself:

“What’s with all these buttons?”

You, my man, are wearing a double breasted jacket, and there are a few differences you might want to know before you step out of the store.

Fear not, your style advisors from Scotch and Rich are here to help, and we recruited a few spy friends to help.


Dress like 007: The 3 Differences Between a Double and a Single Breasted Jacket


Difference #1: The Buttons

Take a look at these images. A single breasted jacket doesn’t have as many buttons as a double breasted. A single breasted suit has from 1 to 3 buttons all aligned vertically and looks more streamlined.

A double breasted, on the other hand, is more complex. It comes with 4, 6, or even 8 buttons (2, 3, or 4 on either side) and the ones at the top usually don’t work. A classic double breasted jacket has six buttons, so that’s the most common version you’ll find.  

Another key difference is that double breasted jackets have an excess fabric around the flaps, which is meant to be buttoned and that’s the reason the jackets require more buttons to keep everything nice and tight.


Difference #2: The Lapels

Pay attention to the lapels. Most double breasted jackets come with broad notched lapels. The broadness is meant to emphasize the shoulders, making them look broad and create a narrow V-shape that makes you look taller and slimmer.

A single breasted jacket often has slimmer lapels that are either notched or peaked. Some have shawl lapels, but those are a gamble because they go all the way without a break.

Difference #3: Versatility

Undoubtedly, single breasted jackets are more versatile than their double breasted counterparts. Single breasted come in many different ways, and you can easily pick one that suits you without having to struggle a lot.

Double breasted look elegant and dapper, but they can be harder to locate and even more to find one that suits you. However, for those occasions you want to look more casual and sporty a double breasted won’t do the trick.


For more style tips, stay tuned to Scotch and Rich. See you next time, lads. 

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