5 Common Style Mistakes 007 Wouldn’t Ever Make

February 12, 2018

You know that more often than not the suit makes the man, and you also know that a slightly off-placed element can destroy the look you’re trying to perfect. More importantly, if you don’t know what to wear and how to do it, just ask a fellow man or take a look at some 007 movies.

Man, 007 knows how to dress. That’s why today we decided to show you some common style mistakes 007 would ever make in hopes that you don’t ever make them either.


1. Allowing Your Trousers to Puddle Over Your Laces

Baggy jeans are so 90s that it hurts and allowing your trousers to flow and puddle over your shoes is almost unforgettable. If your trousers are too long, take them to a tailor, he can probably fix them for you. Remember that your pants, regardless their style need only touch the top of your shoe without bunching of fabric. Ever.

2. Not knowing how to tuck in their shirt

Oh, the dreaded “muffin top” that happens when your shirt’s tails get loose and the fabric bundles up around your waist. Don’t worry pal; it happens to the best of us. Even when you tuck your shirt, you know that it can get pulled by the smallest movement and that would definitely ruin even the crispest look. That’s where a simple contraption called garter comes to play. You wear it under your pants, and it makes sure your shirt stays in place. Easy, isn’t it?

3. Shiny Clothing

Let that your sense of style and charisma shine for itself and don’t force it with shiny clothing. Leave the 80s alone and focus on building a great wardrobe because not even Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton, the 80s 007 wore shiny suits.

You can wear a shiny watch or even a pin, but never, ever wear bright clothing unless you’re a rockstar, and not even then. Try to go for bold color combinations that elevate your style instead of looking for the easy, tacky alternative.

4. Oversized Shirts

If you like Hip-Hop, that’s amazing, but you’re not 13 anymore and shouldn’t dress like your favorite artists. A correctly fitting shirt’s shoulder seams should rest at the edge of the bone, not go beyond. Also, if you’re wearing your shirt untucked, no more than an inch of your belly can show when you raise your arms.

Make sure you can only fit two fingers between the collar of your shirt, if it’s more, the shirt is too baggy for you, and if it’s less, it’s simply too small.

5. Sneakers Outside the Gym

We all like sneakers. Sneakers are a must-have for every man, but not every day. There are moments where you totally need a pair of sneakers, but outside the gym or the track, you should always wear a different pair of shoes. For instance, when you take a look at Skyfall, Bond’s 2012 film, you notice that 007 only wears a pair of sneakers during the workout scene.

We’re not saying you should always wear dress shoes; we’re only saying there are many casual alternatives that could improve your style without making you look like a teenager trying to impress his date. You know you’re better than that

For more style tips, stay tuned to Scotch and Rich. See you next time.

Stay Rich; stay stylish.